Thank you for looking after me. Bits of me are nearly 1,000 years old, and I do need a little tender loving care occasionally.

And this why the 'Friends of Barham Church' are so important -

they raise funds specifically for maintaining the structure, fabric and safety of this historic and beautiful building - for the benefit of you, and for generations to come.

What we do

We raise funds towards maintaining this historic and magnificent building

The Friends of Barham Church was formed in 1996 to involve the wider community in the task of raising funds for the specific purpose only of maintaining the fabric, structure and safety of the church - nothing to do with the 'running costs' of the church or services, etc. Many of our donors are not 'regular church-goers' but are those in our midst who truly care about the importance of this historic focal point to our communities, both present and future generations.

Project one - continual roof repairs

The roof has been around quite a while now and is in constant need of attention and repairs almost every year.

Project two - upgrading lightening conductors 

Our insurers require the two lightening conductors be upgraded - an unexpected and costly exercise.

Project three - internal changes needed

Changes to the internal layout to enable 'income generating' use of the building - a key to  the Church's regular funding.

How you can help and support the Friends of Barham Church

Add your name to our list

By adding your name to our mailing list, or amending your details if already on our list, you can be sure of being notified well ahead about events and what's being planned. Too often we hear members saying 'if only someone had told me' (especially when we did the very popular Battlefield trips).

Clearly we do not share your details with anyone outside of the organisation - see our privacy rules.

Click button below to add or amend your details on the list.

Set up a Regular Donation

Most of our members set up a standing order with their bank for an annual or monthly standing order.  There is no set amount - just whatever is comfortable for you.  As a charitable organisation we can claim back an additional 20% (the current basic rate of tax) on all your donations (provided you are a UK taxpayer) and we would ask you to complete your Gift Aid form (link on the donations page) to help us do this. 

Bequests and 'one-off' donations

We've had some wonderfully generous bequests and one-off donations - please consider the Friends of Barham Church and the critical fundraising needed to maintain our historic church -simply click here to make a one-off donation - you choose how much.

Attend Organised Events - or even run an event

Usually there are one or two events organised each year, ranging from local events to trips further afield to interesting places. There have been several very well supported trips, including a few to the War Graves in France (headed by our local specialist historian). And, if you would like to run an event too, whether a quiz, meal, bazaar or outing, please let us know - any help towards raising funds is always greatly appreciated. 

why we do it

Our task is to keep this building safe for current and future generations

The Barham Church of St John's belongs to the whole community, not just the worshipping congregation who, alone, could never meet the critical costs of maintaining this historic and beautiful building. As the centre of our community for over a thousand years, its continuation as such remains as important as ever. Since 1966, thanks to the participation and generosity of the community, ‘Friends’ have raised in excess of £150,000 towards the maintenance, preservation and perpetuity of this church.

A brief history of  Barham Church

The church is mentioned in the Doomsday Book (1086), but history suggests that there was a church in Barham as far back as 809 AD. The earliest visible parts of the present building date back to the 12th century, with additions and further construction continuing over many hundreds of years. The church shape is cruciform, although the addition of the 15th century south aisle has 'unbalanced' the symmetry.  In the 1880's the Nave floor was lowered, the Choir and Chancel raised, and the entrance porch added.

what people say about the work we do

Liz Minter 

Barham resident

I find it remarkable how the community rallies forth, even during these times of greater  hardship. The constant stream of donations, large and small, together with fund-raising, all add up.

james linnington 

Barham resident

I've been a keen supporter of the 'Friends' since it started in 1996, and since when it has raised substantial funds every year to help with funding critical repairs and maintenance.

Stefan thomas


Our church would have difficulty remaining open without the continuing financial support from the 'Friends of Barham Church' in our times of need - a truly invaluable resource.

The Parochial Church Council of Barham is a charity, licenced with code 606007 in the diocese of Canterbury, for the purposes of the Charities Act 2011.

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