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Monuments and memorials

The list is taken from the the book “The Monuments and Painted Glass of Upwards of 100 Churches”
written by Philip Parsons A. M. and published by Simmons, Kirby and Jones in 1794.

In the rails three black marble stones

“To the memory of George ELCOCK, Esq of May Deacon, who died Nov 17, 1703, aged 63, and Rosamond his wife, daughter of James ADEY Esq, by whom he had issue George, Mary, Susannah, Elizabeth and Rosamond, who died Decem. 29, aged 62.”
“To the memory of Susannah ELCOCK, daughter of George ELCOCK, late of this parish and Rosamond his wife. She died April 15, 1734, aged 55.”
“To the memory of Elizabeth, daughter of George ELCOCK, and Rosamond his wife, who departed this life April 29, 1703, aged 22. Also George their son, who died an infant, and lies buried in Bishopsbourne chancel.”
Arms: A cross, between four cocks. Crest, on a mural crown, a dove with an olive branch in its mouth. – Escutcheon of pretence, indented fess, between 3 cherubs heads.

In the chancel are these flat stones
“To the memory of Mary the wife of Samuel FREMOUL, rector of Wooton, daughter of Mr John NETHERSOLE, of Barham, who died June 3, 1763, aged 57.”
“To the memory of John CURLING, and Mary his wife; he died Jan 24, 1781, aged 84; she died July 29, 1770, aged 78.”

A plain white stone

“To the memory of Alexander CURLING, and Mary, both infants, 1721.”
“Elizabeth COOK, cujus corpus hic humatum jacet E familiâ Hollisianâ, uxor Thomæ COOK de Bobbing in agro Cantiano generosi, primum autem Richardi ELTON gen. gubernatoris de Hull auĉtorisque libri ars militaris inscripti, cui filias perperit duas, unam vero superstitem viz. Elizabetham, adolesctuli juxta sepulti, matrem; sexegenaria obiit 6 iduum Febru 1694.”
“Here lyeth the body of the Reverend Charles BEAN, who died March 30, 1731, aged 56.”
“Here lies interred Mrs BEAN.”
“Here lies interred the bodies of John NETHERSOLE, gent. and Jane his wife. He died Nov. 26, 1719, aged 64.
She died Feb. 28, 1736, aged 67.”

On the wall a marble

“Near this place lie the remains of Lucy, wife of Charles BEAN, vicar of Lydd, and daughter of the Revd, James SESSIONS, Reĉtor of Downham in the county of Gocester, (together with those of two of her infants, Thomas and Catherine)
She died about the 30th year of her age Oĉt. 27, 1715.”

Another on the same side

“Near this place lie interred the bodies of John NETHERSOLE, of this parish, gent. and Jane daughter of Charles SEAGRE, of Tunstall in this county, his wife, by whom he had issue Elizabeth, Margaret and Catherine, who died in their infancy, and are also buried near this place; and Mary and Jane, who surviving, caused this monument to be ereĉted to the memory of their said father and mother, who died, the former Nov. 26, 1719, aged 64, the latter Feb. 28, 1736, aged 67; also the body of Mrs Jane NETHERSOLE, one of the daughters and coheiresses of the abovementioned John NETHERSOLE, by Jane his wife, who departed this life May 22, 1741, aged 32.”

On the fourth side against the wall, a white marble

“M.S. Gulielmi BARNE generoli, filii viri reverendi Milessi BARNE Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ presbyteri, et Janæillius uxoris, quæ illi perperit sex filios filiasque duas. Avum habuit Gulielmum BARNE de Woolwich militem Auratum. Erat dum vixit pater optimus, conjux amantissimus, subditus fidelis, pauperum amicus, et jam bonis omnibus flebilis occidit, mensis Jan. die 16, Anno Dni 1706, ætatis fuæ70. Mater obiit die 6 April 1680”
At the bottom are the following arms: Azure 3 lions faces, Or

In the body of the church on a flat stone

“Here lieth the bodies of Robert and Anna Maria, son and daughter of Robert and Elizabeth LEGRAND,
who both died infants, 1753, 1756.”
“Here lieth the body of Mary, wife of Bartholomew SPARME, and daughter of the Revd, Mr John RICHARDS, vicar of Brabourne, who departed this life Nov. 16, 1736, in the 55th year of her age.”
“Mary daughter of Richard and Mary PILCHER, of this parish, who died an infant, 1772.”
Here lie the bodies of Henry and Mary NICKOLL;she departed this life Jan 15, 1764, aged 75. He died Jan 17th 1778, aged 90; also the body of Clare NICKOLL, wife of Henry, son of the above, who died April 7, 1778, aged 56.”
Here lieth the body of Mary FOX, wife of Daniel FOX, daughter of James and Mary HOLMAN of Flushing, in the province of Zeeland. She died July 15, 1782, aged 28 years, leaving issue one son and one daughter, viz Daniel and Mary.”

In the fourth chancel is an expensive monument in the form of a quadrangular pillar,
with the following inscriptions on three different sides;


on one

“In the vault underneath are deposited the bodies of the under-mentioned persons, viz. Alice, daughter of Mark DIXWELL, gent. by Elizabeth his wife, who died in her infancy, and was buried Oĉt.16, 1639, also Sir Basil DIXWELL, knight and baronet, who was nephew and heir of Mr John HEARDSON, of the town of Folkestone, Esqr. and was buried Jan 12, 1642. Also Mark DIXWELL, above-mentioned, who nephew and heir of the above said Sir Basil DIXWELL, and was buried Feb. 8, 1643.

on another side

“In the vault underneath lieth the body of Heardson DIXWELL by Elizabeth his wife, which said Heardson DIXWELL was buried May 3, 1661. Also Sir Basil DIXWELL, baronet, who was eldest son and heir of Mark DIXWELL, by Elizabeth his wife, and was buryed May 14, 1668, leaving behind him by his wife Dorothy, daughter of Sir Thomas Peyton, baronet, four children, viz. Elizabeth, Dorothy, Basil and Mark; two of which Dorothy, and Basil who succeeded his father in his title and estate, are also buried in this vault; the latter of which died March 26, 1750, and the former, viz.Dorothy, wife of Christopher Reeve, CLERK, died June 29, 1751, aged 87.”

on a third side

“In a vault underneath, between his deservedly beloved wives, viz. Dorothy, daughter of Sir John Temple, knight, of the kingdom of Ireland, and Catherine, daughter William LONGUEVILLE, of the Inner Temple, Esqr. lies buried Sir Basil DIXWELL, baronet, who was son and heir of Sir Basil DIXWELL, by Dorothy daughter of Sir thomas peyton, of Knowlton, in this county, baronet, and who for a great number of years was lieutenant of Dover Castle, and auditor of the excise, the former of which honourable posts he voluntarily resigned some years before his death, the latter he kept to the time of his death, which happened on the 28th of march in the 84th year of his age, and in the year of our Lord, 1750, leaving his estate as he had no heirs of his own body to George OXENDEN, Esqr. second son of his nephew, Sir George OXENDEN, baronet, who then by virtue of an act of parliament, took his name, together with the arms and crest of “DIXWELL”.”
N.B. The arms and crest of DIXWELL are placed on the side that fronts the body of the church.
The arms here mentioned appear to be by MrHasted’s account, “Quarterly, 1st and 4th Argent, a chevron Gules, between 3 fleurs de lis Sable; 2nd and 3rd, Sable a cross engrailed humette, Azure a griffin, Or”
Another coat, “Or, a cross florette sable, quartering Azure a leopard’s face, Or; and Sable; a cross humette, between four fleur de lis, Or; a baronette’s hand in chief.” (See Hasted, vol. iii, page 758 (t).

In the north chancel, on a black marble now defaced, but which was formally decorated with coats of arms and other ornaments in brass, are seen two figures of brass, one of a man in armour, and the other a woman standing, and their hands raised as in the attitude of prayer; underneath the man’s feet is the figure of a dog.

In the same state is also the figure in brass of a man standing in the same attitude, who seems by his dress to have been an Ecclesiastic. There is a dog also under his feet. No inscription visible.

On a monument placed against the wall is the following inscription

“Reverendi viri Caroli FOTHERBY, S. T. P. patre equite nati, collegii Sanĉtæ Trinitatis Cantab. focii, deinde ecclesiarum de St Ives in com. Cornwall reĉtoris hic in propinquo conduntur cineres, juxtaque cos fratris ipsius Antonii FOTHERBY armig. qui et ipsi in patrimonii hæreditate cognationis jure sucessit. Quibus etiam apponuncur cinerestum conjugis ipsius Antonii ASRÆ, tum flii ex eâ primogeniti Johannais, quorum omnium memoriæ facrum (fummo quod eos profequeretur amore) marmor hoc ponendum curavit obsequentissimus diĉti Antonii filius Carolus FOTHERBY, qui quam duce fit patriæ periclitanti adesse, proque eâ vel mori pulchrê edoĉtus, ejus se bellis (navalibus scil.) ad huc invenis valde emiscuit, quod ut patriæ in commodum, ita ipsi in honorem cessit. Ardens enim in dimicando animî virtus ad navis regiæ præfeĉturam merito evexit. At fatalis illa quæomnes manet hora patriæ eum terrisque abstulit nimis immaturè. Nondum enim completis annis 48 reliĉtis conjuge Maria scilicet Georgii ELCOCKE armig: filia, binisque ex ea siliabus quæ mortum ejus ferunt quam miserabiliter. Nex mirum, nam ………. Quis difiderio fit pudor aut modus tam chari capitis ………. ? ………. obit 1 Oĉtobris 1720, et juxta duas natarum suarum quiescit.”