The committee currently comprises the following members:

Liz Minter - Chair
Sue Calderwood
Deborah Collis
Diana Forrest
Sally Hawkes
James Linington - inaugural member
Bronwen Wakefield
John Andrews

The committee meet regularly and are aware of their responsibilities, to both

1.  encourage fundraising towards the maintenance of the structure and fabric of the building, and

2.  to ensure that the funds so raised are dispensed correctly and effectively for this specific purpose (as set out by the Charities Commissioner's rules for the accountability of 'Restricted Funds').

The Friends of Barham Church was inaugurated at a meeting on 23rd February 1996, an extract of which is as follows:

Aims and responsibilities:
The Chairman said that the aims of the 'Friends' must be set out clearly.  After some discussion it was agreed that the 'Friends' will be responsible for assisting with:
1.      Structural work and repairs.
2.      Repairs and interior decorating.
3.      The church bells.
4.      The clock on the exterior of the church tower.
5.      The church organ.
6.      The boiler.

It was agreed that the PCC will continue to pay for the cost of running church services, including heating, lighting, insurance and maintaining the church walls around the churchyard. The cost of the latter item was jointly shared with the Barham Parish Council in1995

Charitable Status 

The Friends of Barham Church are part of, and its charitable status linked to, the Barham Parochial Church Council - certificate 606007.

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